Wolf Pass

Wolf Pass

ISBN 0-451-41131-5

The quirky and refreshing hero of The Wheat Field returns to probe the dark corners of small-town America and solve a vicious double homicide. Deputy Sheriff P.A. Pennington—a former Army Ranger sniper—falls under immediate suspicion. But he has a suspect of his own. Though he hasn't seen the man since World War II, Pennington is convinced that an old wartime nemises—Nazi colonel Christian Wolfgang Stangl—is to blame. Back then, it was Pennington's sharpshooting that disrupted the operations of a crucial Bavarian railroad pass commanded by the infamous colonel.

Now it's 1962—and the Wolf is at the door…

“A wild ride... The story thunders in and out of pitch-black tunnels full of surprises.” —The Charleston Post and Courier

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