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From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

 “Sex, bootleg liquor and shootouts … a natural gangster thriller!”


From Kirkus Reviews

 “The criminals are as entertaining as the Minnesota winters … Entertaining.”


From the Milwaukee Journal

“Unpublished novels have a dark life of their own. They breathe, they sigh, they mutter, at times they shriek. And why not? They all have the blues.


This novel, “Saint Mudd,” was not a mutterer, it was a growling hellcat in a gunnysack, that … kept its author up more than one night with its screeching tires, rat-a-tat of Tommy guns, and its stench of Midwestern corruption—all the angst of 1930s St. Paul, Minnesota, struggling to evolve from a wide-open town thick with gangsters and molls to a modern city of relative law and order.


Ultimately … Steve Thayer had to publish the book himself after being rejected by more than 40 publishers. But the cycle has at last come ‘round; Viking has decided to publish “Saint Mudd” as a brand-new book. What hadn’t they seen in it before? Quite a lot. The book is a historical novel, beginning in the autumn of 1933 and ending a year later. Its hero is Grover Mudd, a reporter for a dying newspaper in corrupt St. Paul, where gangsters, we learn, very quickly, can do things in the street normal law-abiding folk wouldn’t think of trying … ”