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At grave of Charles Lindbergh on the island of Maui. 

From The New York Times Book Review


“Thayer uses his mastery of detail to build his own spellbinding version of the Lindberg Kidnapping. He also balances the icy clarity of his investigative thinking with the welcome warmth of his characterizations. And in the end, he leaves us with the chilling thought that the snow might never melt on some buried secrets.”  


From the Cleveland Plain Dealer


“Steve Thayer is an author not afraid to take chances … His story moves, the characters are made real enough, the tension never diminishes, the weather gives no one a break, and the tightrope resolution pulls it all together … all the visceral emotion a reader can take … The climatic scenes are fire and ice … If Thayer wants to take a chance, I’m in.”


From the Boston Globe


“Thayer provides a blend of history and fiction that is quite satisfying … Restores one’s faith in the craft of storytelling: logical yet surprising, cleanly written yet intricately argued, compelling of locale and enterprising of plot—just what we need to end this long hot summer.”