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From the Chicago Tribune


“Masterful … even the savviest readers will change their minds about who the killer is several times before the heart-stopping conclusion.”



From the West Coast Review of Books


“High-level tension … A fascinating frightening, and shocking novel.”



From Stephen King


"I read The Weatherman with mounting excitement and a sense of involvement which few novels can elicit in me these days. It has one of the highest take-off points of any novel in recent memory—the first forty pages of this book would serve as the climax of most books—and from there it just keeps on shooting the thrills and suspense …


Thayer’s style is plain, almost ugly, but there is that bright leavening of humor and the clear sense that the man knows everything he’s writing about—Minnesota history, Minnesota politics, and, most of all, Minnesota weather. His understanding of the broadcast news business—as brainless as a deep-sea squid, and every bit as hard to kill—is the keystone of the book, and I intend to recommend it to everybody I know in that field.

Basically, Al, what I’m edging around is that I suspect this book is Literature, and that it may be around for awhile … as a rule, nobody sends me books this good …


This is a wonderful story, one that will stay in my memory for a long time."